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Common sources of errors and how to get back on track

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401 Errors

A 401 HTTP status code in a response from the Beam API means that an invalid API key has been used for the request, or that no API key was passed to the SDK.

403 Errors

If you see a network error with a 403 HTTP status code, it could mean two things:

  1. If the network request is for a JS file, it usually means the version string in the URL is incorrect and it is trying to access a file that doesn't exist.
  2. If the network request is for a Beam API, it means the API key is not valid for the request, which could mean:
    1. You are using an SDK API key to make a call to a Beam server webhook or vice-versa
    2. The chainId/storeId parameters don't match the API key, which could happen if you switched from staging to production and forgot to update the IDs

500 Errors

Network errors with a 500 HTTP status code mean something has gone wrong on the Beam side. Please send your Beam contact a description of what you were doing when the error occurred, how often it occurs, and a Beam Request ID from the response headers, if possible. This will help the team diagnose the problem and figure out a fix for your integration.